Assasination Classroom | Review | 2021

Assasination Classroom is a Japanese anime, based on the story between a teacher and students.

The anime begins when the moon begin to crumble into the pieces,and the monster resembling like an octopus appears in the classroom of class 3 E in the junior high school(Kunugaigako Junior High school) and claims that he has destroyed the half of the moon and has the power to destroy the earth.The senior officer Karasuma from the Ministry of the defense explain the students that the monster looking creature has insisted to be a teacher to teach class 3 E and has given an opportunity to assassinate the students reading in that classroom .So he explains that they assassinate that creature then the government will give them 10 billion yen as a gift but he is no ordinary organism ,he has super fast speed,multiple tentacles and is very intelligent .He also gave them time limit until the march of the next year and gave them the weapons that only affect on that creature and also tells the student to keep it secret as only the Principal and ministry of defence is aware of it.So the student are shifted in mountain area with a small classroom with playground.

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The student studying in classroom tried very hard to kill the creature but couldn’t give him a scratch so they give him a name Koro sensi.Although he claimed to destroy the earth but was a very good teacher teaching their students each and every subject ,improving their individual skills helping them not only in their study but with the each and every problem of their students as the student studying in class E are the weakest student with the lowest grade 3,it was simply due to the lack of attention and care to them as the Principal of this school believed that in every school there will be 20% of  talented student 65% of the average and 5% of the weakest student so they can’t do anything of it .So he gave best teacher and tuition to other student leaving grade E.But Koro sensi tried very hard, he even set different question to different student according to their ability to improve and motivate them .Soon Karasma also join the class as physical training teacher so that  he could keep eye on Koro sensi and teach the student the best way to assassinate koro sensi.

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Soon the exam began where all the student has to Kunugaigako to give their exam and at first without informing the principal set the question of the topic which was not taught to 3 E.They could get nice mark at the first term .After this incident Koro sensi tried very hard playing having fun with student ,while as the student trying very hard to kill him .Soon the 2nd term began and for the first time they got the best mark challenging the student of 3 A the student securing top 50 position.The student of 3E Nagisa,Karma,Kanayo and others tried each and every single day to assasinate koro sensi with the help of their creative idea and with the help of karasma .

One day suddenly one of the student Kanayo attack the Koro sensi by injecting the medicine due to which she was able to get tentacles like Koro sensi but that tentacle give her instense pain impending to near death.She said her real name is Akari Yakimura she came to class and has been acting like your friend so that she could get chance to kill him as she claimed that Koro sensi has killed her sister who used to teach class  3 E before Koro sensi .At this time all the student although were given a mission to kill their teacher had been deeply attached with him that they all started loving him .The students could not believe that such a good teacher would never kill anyone ,they all tried to clam her ,Koro sensi removing the tentacles and then tells the truth of his past.

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Koro sensi was known as the reaper i.e the best assasinator in the past .He was a normal human like other ,he with the mutual contact went to an experiment as he was an orphan had no one to fear and if this project was successful he would be one of the post powerful person.In the lab he met Aguri Yakimura Akari”s older sister where she used to assist her fiancee who was supervising and conducting the experiment.Although they were engaged but there was no love between them .They always talked about different thing,she used to tell him about her student ,they both started liking each other.One day Reaper came to know that the  same experiment was also conducted in mice  and due to intense power it exploded and along with it it explode the moon .After knowing he tried to run and in the course of this Aguri scarifice  her life to safe him and she took the promise over there to teach the her student .And due to her request and due to her sacrifice Koro sensi explained I had tried so hard teaching you all so that i could give you the best future .Like the mouse “i am also going to explode along with the earth so you have to assassinate before the end of the march” he added.

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The time was running and by listening to Koro sensi story they could not thing of killing him as they were deeply attached to him as he took care of all the student like his children.Due to their emotion they were delaying their assassination plan as they all had already figured out the way to kill him as he wast the one who told them his weakest point after beating Class A and securing top 50 position.Meanwhile government was preparing a way to kill and and finally government trapped Koro sensi using laser light as there was  1 day before the end of march after doing research for almost a year .The student were unknown till it was publicize by the government and the student after knowing this going against the government ,fighting with the officer by using their training skill as they were trained almost a year by Karasma .They finally meet Koro sensi ,all of them were emotional.Koro sensi always used to tell them that he wanted to be assasinated by his own student not by other outsiders.They all decided to assassinate with the lots of emotion,love ,affection all of the student carrying tear in their eyes they finally assassinate him.

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