NeuronWriter Review: Best AI Writer for SEO Content in 2024?


NeuronWriter Review: Best AI Writer for SEO Content in 2024?

Enhance your SEO with NeuronWriter’s AI-powered tools. Offering in-depth analysis and seamless integration with WordPress, it’s perfect for boosting online visibility. Switching from Surfer SEO through the AppSumo deal to save costs, NeuronWriter has significantly improved my content rankings on Google.

NeuronWriter elevates online writing prowess for better Google visibility, employing AI for savvy SEO strategies since 2023.

It offers enhanced writing tips, keyword suggestions, and content uniqueness checks. Ideal for content creators, it ranges from $22 to $117 per month, with a one-time special offer at $89.

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While similar tools like Surfer SEO, Frase, and Scalnut offer varied features, NeuronWriter excels with its WordPress integration. It supports internal linking and employs NLP for analyzing complex language, though it doesn’t oversimplify writing for broader understanding.

Suitable for small businesses and content teams seeking increased online traffic, NeuronWriter is definitely worth exploring.

This is my honest review after using NeuronWriter for several months (and competing with Surfer SEO, which I used for a whole year).

Revelation: I’ve permanently switched to NeuronWriter with their lifetime deal on AppSumo. $89 for lifetime compared to $89 per month with Surfer? Easy choice.

What is NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is an AI-powered content optimization tool designed to enhance both SEO and content quality. It provides more than 10 templates tailored for different content formats and seamlessly integrates with WordPress. This tool not only aligns articles with current search trends but also offers guidance on internal linking and includes a content calendar, making it the perfect solution for creating high-quality SEO content.

Overview of NeuronWriter

NeuronWriter seamlessly merges extensive SEO functionalities with intuitive features, establishing itself as a premier option for efficient content optimization.

It streamlines processes, allowing you to concentrate on crafting quality content poised for Google rankings.

Key Features and Capabilities

NeuronWriter brings forth an array of features aimed at enhancing content performance. Here are some of its standout offerings:

  • Advanced Editing: Simplify content structure with efficient drafting tools.
  • AI Writing Support: Streamline the writing and editing process, making it user-friendly for all skill levels.
  • SERP Insights: Provide in-depth analysis to improve SEO and enhance online rankings.
  • NLP Guidance: Offer advice on natural language processing regarding content relevance and search optimization.
  • Internal Linking: Propose strategic internal linking to enhance content structure.
  • Plagiarism Detection: Ensure content uniqueness and originality.

By integrating these features, NeuronWriter delivers a comprehensive solution for crafting impactful web content optimized for SEO.

Getting Started with NeuronWriter

Getting started with NeuronWriter is incredibly straightforward. Upon signing up, the user-friendly project setup process will guide you through creating your first SEO-optimized content, offering a seamless introduction to crafting advanced AI-enhanced content.

Setting Up Projects

Setting up a project in NeuronWriter is both simple and crucial for organizing your content. This tool assists you in planning and managing your tasks through its integrated content calendar.

  1. Log in to NeuronWriter and navigate to the ‘Projects’ section.
  2. Click on the ‘Create New Project’ button, which will open a form to detail your project.
  3. Enter a clear and descriptive name for your project, along with a brief description.
  4. Choose the language for your project from the dropdown menu to receive relevant suggestions later on.
  5. Add target keywords that you want your content to focus on.
  6. Check the competition score provided by NeuronWriter to gauge the difficulty of ranking for these keywords.
  7. Assign a writer from your team or choose yourself as the responsible party for the project.
  8. Set an estimated delivery date to let everyone know when the work should be completed.
  9. Utilize the content calendar feature to schedule when posts will go live online.

Navigating the User Interface

While NeuronWriter’s interface boasts rich features, it remains user-friendly thanks to its color-coded system, utilizing colors to represent word usage frequency.

Effortless navigation across sections such as project setup, content writing, and SEO analysis aids in enhancing content creativity. This platform allows for adjusting the level of AI-supported creativity, from low to high, tailoring content according to user preferences.

Content Creation and Optimization Tool

NeuronWriter offers excellent tools for effortless content creation and enhanced SEO. Its features ensure reader engagement and meet search engine criteria, helping your content stand out in the digital landscape.

Here are some key features to explore.

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Content Editor and Outline Builder

NeuronWriter’s Content Editor and Sketchpad streamline the content creation process.

Select a suitable template, add keywords for analysis, and receive guidance. Quickly outline organized thoughts. AI-assisted content development saves time and provides a solid foundation. Customize the AI draft to reflect your unique voice or brand.

AI Writing and Paraphrasing Features

NeuronWriter excels in AI-powered writing and interpretation.

It offers over 10 AI templates for creating various types of content, simplifying the process of crafting new articles or enhancing existing ones. This tool effectively rephrases sentences while preserving the core message in your writing.

AI Writing and Paraphrasing Features

NeuronWriter’s SERP analysis delves deep into search results to identify what drives high rankings. It scrutinizes competitors to uncover successful strategies, advising on keywords, topics, and headlines to boost your content’s Google ranking.


Additionally, this tool aids in internal linking, enhancing website navigation and content depth for search engines, thereby improving the search performance of each page and the overall relevance of the website.

Here’s an example of how we used it for a new sleep aid.


Plagiarism Checking Functionality

Once you’ve refined your content with ideas and strategies, it’s time to ensure it’s truly yours. No one wants to post something online only to discover it’s been copied from someone else.

That’s where NeuronWriter steps in with its plagiarism checker. This tool scans your text and lets you know whether any parts of it match online content. It helps protect your reputation and keeps search engines happy by avoiding duplicate content.

The integrated plagiarism checker is incredibly easy to use. With just a click, the system will check your article against billions of web pages. You’ll receive a report displaying any issues so you can address them before publishing.


This feature is essential to keep your content unique and enhance the credibility of your website.

The Benefits of WordPress Integration

Integrating NeuronWriter with WordPress streamlines content management, enabling direct and efficient export and publishing of SEO-optimized posts to your website. Explore how this feature can enhance your web presence throughout your entire article.

This integration rationalizes workflows, facilitating seamless content transfer between NeuronWriter and WordPress, saving time and simplifying processes.

Here’s how to use the integration

  • Select the document you wish to publish within the NeuronWriter app.
  • Click on the ‘Export’ option, which may also appear as ‘Send to WordPress.’
  • Log in with your WordPress website details if not already connected.
  • Choose the correct website from your list of WordPress sites within NeuronWriter.
  • Decide whether you want your post to go live immediately or be saved as a draft in WordPress.
  • Review the post within WordPress, ensuring all formatting is accurate.
  • Add any additional details such as categories, tags, featured images, or meta descriptions in WordPress.
  • Press ‘Publish’ on your WordPress dashboard when ready or schedule it for later.

NeuronWriter Pricing Plans Explained

Understanding NeuronWriter’s pricing structure is the key to assessing the value it brings to you, so delve into the subscription plans to see how they align with your content creation needs and budget.

Various Subscription Plans

NeuronWriter offers a variety of monthly packages tailored to different needs. Each package provides a certain number of projects, content analyses, and AI credits.

Bronze Plan:

  • Price: $23 per month.
  • Includes two projects and 25 content analyses per month.
  • Users receive 15,000 AI credits per month.

Silver Plan:

  • Cost: $45 per month.
  • You can have 5 projects and receive 50 content analyses per month.
  • It comes with 30,000 AI credits per month.

Gold Plan:

  • The monthly fee is $69.
  • It provides 10 projects and a maximum of 75 content analyses per month.
  • You get 45,000 AI credits per month

Platinum Plan:

  • Priced at $93 per month.
  • Allows for 25 projects with 100 content analyses per month.
  • Comes with a substantial amount of AI credits, totaling around 60,000.

Diamond Plan:

  • This top-tier option is priced at $117 per month.
  • It includes 50 projects and 150 content analyses per month.
  • Loaded with the highest amount of AI credits, totaling 75,000 for the month.

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AppSumo Lifetime Deal:

This option is priced at a lifetime rate of $89 per “code”.

One code grants lifetime access to the Bronze Package, while two codes provide access to the Silver Package and upgrade to the Diamond Package if you purchase 5 codes.


Find the deal here:

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I purchased 3 codes to gain lifetime access to the Gold Package, providing us with 75 monthly content editing analyses.

Absolutely fantastic at the price of $267 ($89 x 3). ????

The lifetime deal from AppSumo offers significant long-term savings with just a one-time payment. Users have the option to purchase additional AI credits if needed. With various price tiers available, users can choose the package that best suits their needs and budget.

Now, let’s explore the strengths and limitations of NeuronWriter to gain a deeper understanding of

NeuronWriter: Pros and Cons

Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of NeuronWriter underscores its effectiveness as an SEO tool, blending AI writing capabilities with user-friendly features for seamless content creation.

Let’s see if it fits your needs.

Advantages of Using NeuronWriter

NeuronWriter helps you craft outstanding blog posts that can rank higher in search engine results. It utilizes intelligent AI tools to enhance your writing.

  • Deep analysis: NeuronWriter provides detailed insights into your content. It lets you know how well it might perform in search engines with content score ratings.
  • AI-powered writing assistance: This tool offers AI writing features that can generate text for you. This saves time and sparks ideas when you’re facing difficulties.
  • Internal linking: It suggests links within your website. This strengthens your website and helps readers discover more of your work. This feature works exceptionally well (much better than many competitors like Surfer SEO).
  • Content ideas: There’s a dedicated section for new ideas. This helps writers come up with topics that have potential to attract attention online.
  • Learning from others: NeuronWriter tracks top-performing websites to see what they’re doing right. It then suggests changes to help your blog perform better.
  • Plagiarism check: Before publishing, the tool checks if the content is original. This protects against plagiarism and potential penalties from Google.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

While NeuronWriter has many advantages, it’s important to consider the flip side as well. Here are some things to keep in mind before deciding to use this tool:

New interface: The interface may be challenging for new users. Some find it overwhelming with too many options and information, making them feel lost. Learning curve: NeuronWriter may take time for new users to learn. The various interface and features can be overwhelming. Using introductory videos from NeuronWriter is a great way to address this issue.

Customer Support and Community Insights

Explore NeuronWriter’s effective customer support and gain a deeper understanding of its active user community.

This ensures a well-supported experience with the SEO AI tool, capable of enhancing your content creation journey.

NeuronWriter proudly boasts an active Facebook group where users can find support and valuable tips to improve their SEO rankings.

Access to Customer Support

NeuronWriter provides responsive support via email and live chat, often delivering prompt email responses and readily available live chat assistance. However, live chat responses may sometimes entail waiting periods.

Nevertheless, they offer instructional videos on how to use NeuronWriter.

Overall, user feedback indicates good support, with potential for improvement in live chat responsiveness.

Personally, I find no need to use NeuronWriter’s live chat feature as their instructional videos have fulfilled all my needs.

Personal Review of NeuronWriter

I’ve been using NeuronWriter for three months now, after several years with Surfer SEO. My transition to NeuronWriter was significantly influenced by the cost-effective lifetime deal from AppSumo at $89, compared to the similar monthly fee of Surfer. After extensive testing of both tools, I found NeuronWriter to be more suitable for all my SEO work.

NeuronWriter excels in providing in-depth content analysis, something I found lacking in Surfer. This depth is the tool that has helped me improve Google rankings for both new and existing content. The decision to switch was straightforward as NeuronWriter offers more value and deeper insights, making it the superior choice for my SEO needs.


NeuronWriter introduces a breakthrough with AI-supported features and SEO tools, designed for those aiming to shine online. With its easy content creation and intelligent optimization, it stands out in the market.

If you’re looking to attract more attention to your blog or landing page, NeuronWriter could be your ideal choice in 2024. This tool seems well worth exploring further for anyone serious about enhancing their online presence.

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What is NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is an AI-powered SEO tool that helps content writers create and optimize their content for search engines. It’s designed to enhance SEO on your website by providing suggestions as you write.

Can NeuronWriter help me choose the best keywords?

Yes, it can! NeuronWriter can find additional keywords, provide content ideas to include in your article, and assist with keyword optimization to help your page rank higher on Google.

Does NeuronWriter offer a free trial?

Yes, there is currently a free trial available that allows you to test out the features before purchasing the full version or opting for lifetime deals like NeuronWriter AppSumo.

How does NeuronWriter ensure my content is SEO-friendly?

This tool utilizes powerful AI technology like GPT-3.5 & GPT-4 to analyze top-ranking data from Google SERP, suggest robust SEO optimizations such as meta tags and keyword density.

Will my articles written with NeuronWriter pass AI detection?

NeuronWriter diligently works to create high-quality content not only for SEO optimization but also reads naturally to potentially surpass AI detection checks commonly used by search engines.

Is there anything else I should know when using this tool?

NeuronWriter is not just another writing app; it supports comprehensive competitive analysis, provides layout suggestions to build authority by topic, and offers tips beyond traditional link-building strategies.

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