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Who is Professor Dan Ariely?

Professor Dan Ariely is an Israeli-American professor and author. He works as James B. Duke Professor at Duke University and is a behavioral economist.  On researching upon behavioral economics, he try to explain it on simpler way to common people. Furthermore, he is an instructor at Coursera.

Early Life And Childhood

Dan Ariely was born on April 29, 1967 in New York City while his father was pursuing MBA Degree at University of Columbia. Later the family migrated to Israel. During his youth age, he faced a burn issue which changed his life. He was lighting magnesium flame. Suddenly, the flame caught him and nearly 70% of body was burnt. He was hospitalized for 3 years after-which his life was changed drastically. During that period, he experience bitter and painful treatment of burn. He wrote an article about that and researched about alternative ways of burn treatment so as to avoid the terrific pain. The research led him to keen interest on decision making and behavioral economics on which he is veteran now.

I became engrossed with the idea that we repeatedly and predictably make the wrong decisions in many aspects of our lives and that research could help change some of these patterns.

Dan Ariely
Professor Dan Ariely on treatment


Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business, Durham,NC
Business Administration, August 1998.
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
Cognitive Psychology, August 1996
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
Cognitive Psychology, August 1994
Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
Psychology, June 1991


2008 – CurrentDuke University, James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral
2008 – CurrentSenior Fellow, Duke University Kenan Institute for Ethics
2015 – CurrentFaculty Director, Washington University in St. Louis: George Warren Brown
School of Social Work, Envolve Center for Health Behavior Change
2016 – CurrentVisiting Professor, AMC-UvA
2001 – 2002University of California at Berkeley
2004 (Summer)Stanford, The Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral
2005 – 2007Princeton, The Institute for Advanced Study
1998 – 2008MIT, Sloan School of Management
2000 – 2010MIT, The Media Laboratory

TEDx Talks

Prof Dan Ariely is mostly popular as TEDx Speaker. He has appeared in more than 5 TEDx talks. The audience are highly motivated with his talk.

Recent appearance of Prof Dan Ariely in TED talks:





EG 2008 Conference

TEDxRiodelaPlata 2012


His wife name is Sumi, whom he had convinced a lot for marriage so he consider this as his personal achievement. He has two children namely: Amit (born on 2002) and Neta (born on 2006).


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  • Dan Ariely (Editor) The Best American Science and Nature Writing. Mariner Books (October 2012).
  • Dan Ariely, The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty. HarperCollins (June 2012).
  • Dan Ariely, The Upside of Irrationality. HarperCollins (June 2010).
  • Dan Ariely, Predictably Irrational. HarperCollins (February 2008).
  • Christine Hughes, Dan Ariely and David Eckerman (1998), The Joy of
  • Experimental Psychology, Kendall/Hunt.

Honors And Awards

2015Honorary Doctorate, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
2015C.W. Park Outstanding Contribution to the Journal of Consumer
Psychology Award. With Michael Norton, Daniel Mochon, and Dan Ariely for
“The IKEA Effect: When Labor Leads to Love.”
2014William C. Friday Excellence in Leadership and Service Award, North
Carolina State University
2013William F. O’Dell Award for “The Dishonesty of Honest People: A
Theory of Self-Concept Maintenance.” (2008) On Amir, Dan Ariely and
Nina Mazar.
2012Honorary Patron, The University Philosophical Society, Trinity College,
2012Honorary Professor, Universidad del Pacifico Lima, Peru
2012Contributing Editor WIRED Magazine UK
2011Ethel & James Valone Visiting Professor in Plastic Surgery, University
North Carolina-Chapel Hill April 1, 2011
2011IBM Faculty Award Recipient
2010William F. O’Dell Award for “Placebo Effects of Marketing Actions:
Consumers May get What They Pay For.”(2005) Baba Shiv, Ziv Carmon
and Dan Ariely
2009Psychology Department Distinguished Alumni Award, University of
North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2009Finalist for the 2009 Long Term Impact Award from INFORMS Society
for Marketing Science for John G. Lynch, Jr. and Dan Ariely “Wine Online:
Search Costs Affect Competition on Price, Quality, and Distribution”
2008IgNobel Award in Medicine
2008-2009President: Society for Judgment and Decision Making
2003Society for Consumer Psychology: Early Career Contribution Award
2002Rothschild Memorial Symposia, The Institute for Advanced Studies:
The 13th Summer School in Economic Theory on behavioral Economics
2001Best Paper Award for John G. Lynch and Dan Ariely (2000) “Wine
Online: Search Costs Affect Competition on Price, Quality, and
Distribution” from the Marketing Science Institute
2000Judgment and Decision Making Society: Hillel Einhorn New
Investigator Award
1998John A. Howard American Marketing Association Doctoral Dissertation
1995-1996L. L. Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory Graduate Student

Quick Review of Professor Dan Ariely

NameProf Dan Ariely
BornApril 29, 1967 in New York City
Age 53 years
NationalityIsraeli, American
ProfessionBehavioral Economist
EducationCognitive Psychology (PhD)
Business Administration (PhD)
Cognitive Psychology(MA)
SpouseSumi Ariely
ChildrenAmit (2002) and Neta (2006)

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