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The Book Thief is a masterpiece written by Australian author Markus Zusak. The book tells the story of a girl Liesel who goes with many ups and downs during the second world war.

The story is narrated by Death. Yeah! Death who is a suspicious character in the book. The story begins with the demise of Liesel’s brother. She along with her mother and her dead brother are on a train. Due to the low economic condition, her mother is taking her and brother to foster parents. But due to the demise of brother, she is the only one who is going to foster parents. On the death ceremony, Liesel steals her first book Grave Digger’s Handbook’.

Even death has heart

The book thief

On reaching foster parent, Liesel gets new Papa and Mama. Liesel is frightened in her new house. Every night, she is haunted by her bad dreams about death brother. But Papa consoles her by reading her book and playing his accordion. He is the one whom she really trusts. She starts to learn there on basement and school. But the basement is her favorite place. She becomes friendly with the Molchen Street soon. She assist her mother on ironing and reaching out to customer. One of the customer is Mayor’s wife, who directly and indirectly motivates her to book.

In the meantime, she makes friend Rudy. She is there with him on stealing fruits, playing football and books from the Mayor’s house. Naturally, they are on childish love but it is expressed only after his death.

One was a book thief. The other stole the sky.

The book thief

Being considered Jew as an enemy, the foster family takes risk of hiding one Jew, Max in the basement. They are nervous when the Nazi army is on the raid. On the occasion of a night raid, Liesel narrates the story of her book to other and soon she is liked by all as a good narrator. She gets many reward on top of that. Max becomes so sick one day and everybody is frightened. Liesel confronts him by narrating the story. After he gets all right, he leaves them so as not to become a burden. Liesel is happy with the remarks that Max left her.

One day, Papa is announced to be joining Nazi army. This news is both joyful and sad to them. He leaves for Russia but comes back after he is no longer needed due to injury on leg. Liesel along with Mama are happy for getting back Papa.

Since it was the time of World War, the city where they get devasted with a bomb attack. Everyone dies except lucky Liesel as she was writing the notebook Mayor’s wife had given. She loses all her family and the entire Molching city. Then she is rescued by the Mayor’s family.

Later it is shown that Later worked on Rudy’s father shop and met Max one day. With some relief, they hugged and cried together.

At last, during the demise of Liesel, the suspicious character death gives the book which she had left during the bomb attack. Thus, the powerful character death has also been highlighted with the living soul and its pain has been shown.

I am haunted by humans

The book thief

Based on this book, movie has also been made which has IMBdb rating of 7.8/10

A Quick Review

NameThe Book Thief
AuthorMarkus Zusak
GenreFiction, History, War
Key CharacterLiesel
Published Year2005
Goodread Rating4.37

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