Instructions for Upgrading Canva Pro Account for Free

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Instructions for Upgrading Canva Pro Account for Free

In today’s digital age, online graphic design and creation has become increasingly important. Canva, a famous design tool, has developed two unique versions: Canva Pro and Canva Edu, serving a variety of user needs from individuals to businesses and education.

Professional for Individuals and Businesses

Canva is not simply a design tool, but also a creative partner for individuals, businesses and professional teams. The “Brand Kit” feature is a special feature, helping to easily customize logos, brand colors and fonts.


  • Diverse Image Library: Use a rich library of images and resources.
  • Easy Customization: Resize designs and share conveniently.
  • Effective Collaboration: Powerful project management and collaboration.
  • Brand Kit: Upload logo and use external fonts.


  • Beautiful Template: Large data warehouse with thousands of quality templates.
  • Professional Tools: Use Canva AI to create professional designs.
  • Huge Selection: Rich library of images and resources.

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Canva Edu: Online Education and Learning Support

Canva Edu was developed specifically to meet the needs of graphic design in the education sector, offering many useful tools and resources.


  • Create High-Quality Lessons: Create quality lectures, learning materials, and presentations.
  • Team Collaboration: Interact and work as a team to develop graphic projects.
  • Extensive Image Library: Access an extensive image and clipart library.


  • Creative Learning Environment: Create a diverse and creative learning environment.
  • Save Time: Built-in design tools help save time and effort.
  • Flexible Technology Integration: Integrate technology into teaching flexibly.

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Special Benefits of Canva Pro

  • Unlimited Access: Open unlimited access to all images and resources in the library.
  • Create and Save Designs: Create and store designs for convenient reuse.
  • Premium Design Quality: Advanced tools and customizations to create professional designs.
  • Priority and Personal Customer Support: Get priority support from the Canva team, and get dedicated advice and support.

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Canva offer special advantages and features, suitable for all uses. Canva is for individuals and businesses with professional design needs, while Canva Edu focuses on supporting online education and learning. The difference between these two versions provides flexibility and choice suitable for all types of users. Explore and make the most of the benefits that Canva brings to you!

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