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The doers

What is ‘The Doers’? The Doers is a Nepali podcast hosted by talented Mr Anup Ghimire and owned by VIEWFINDERS. The doers is an aspiring platform where leaders from across the business spectrum share ideas about how to help build you organization whether working in the non-profit, public or private sectors you will hear tips … Read more

Indreni lok dohori | Krishna Kadel | ABC | Himalayan Tv | Latest Episode Today

indreni lok dohori

Indreni lok dohori is a popular lok dohori program hosted by renowned and popular host Krishna Kadel. The program is hosted on ABC TV(now in Himalayan TV) and youtube. Indreni lok dohori program has been in operation since many years. The heart of the program is Nepali lok dohori, which is one of the folk … Read more

The secret behind popularity of Vsauce


Everybody in internet might be curious about the popularity of Vsauce. Well in this blog, I am going to explore the secret and the man behind it. What/Who is Vsauce? Vsauce is a brand originally created by popular youtuber Michael Stevens. Basically, this channel focuses on scientific, psychological, mathematical, and philosophical topics, as well as … Read more