Complete GoHighLevel Review 2024: [Pros and Cons]

GoHighLevel Review

As an individual who has experienced the challenges of managing clients, staff, finances, and business growth, I empathize with the complexities that can arise. Juggling these aspects alone can seem daunting, emphasizing the importance of a supportive team and the right tools.

In my quest for effective solutions, I came across GoHighLevel, and it swiftly became an indispensable asset for my business operations.

However, the question remains: Is GoHighLevel suitable for everyone? This comprehensive GoHighLevel review aims to explore its features, advantages, drawbacks, and alternative options. The goal is to empower you to make an informed decision about whether GoHighLevel aligns with your business requirements.

Throughout this article, we will provide an overview of GoHighLevel, examine its application in various industries, offer a detailed breakdown of its features, explore potential revenue streams, discuss pricing, analyze integrations, and compare it with alternatives such as ClickFunnels and Active Campaign.

By the conclusion of this review, you should possess a thorough understanding of GoHighLevel and be better equipped to determine whether it represents a worthwhile investment for your business.


  • GoHighLevel is versatile software designed for various business professionals.
  • The platform offers an array of features for marketing automation, CRM management, and more.
  • Weighing the pros, cons, and alternatives will help determine if GoHighLevel is the right fit for your business.

GoHighLevel Overview

GoHighLevel Overview

GoHighLevel Overview

What Is GoHighLevel? 

Go High Level Review: Overview

GoHighLevel is a comprehensive software solution crafted to streamline customer relationship management, automate sales processes, and enhance lead generation efforts – all within a unified platform.

In the realm of managing tasks, sometimes an additional set of tools, or in this instance, intelligence, becomes necessary. This is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like GoHighLevel prove invaluable. The distinct advantage lies in consolidating all essential functionalities within a singular platform, eliminating the need to juggle between various tools.

Given the multitude of tools seamlessly integrated into GoHighLevel, utilizing this software can potentially lead to cost savings compared to acquiring each third-party tool independently. However, it’s worth noting that, depending on your specific needs, you may not require all the features provided by GoHighLevel, yet you might still pay for the complete package.

Founded by Shaun Clark in 2018, GoHighLevel was designed to assist small businesses and agencies in automating and scaling their operations. It’s not uncommon for people to use the terms “GoHighLevel” and “HighLevel” interchangeably; however, the official domain is, as Shaun couldn’t secure the domain name Highlevel.

In this GoHighLevel review, I will delve into how you can leverage the software for your business and explore potential avenues for generating revenue with GoHighLevel. Stay tuned as I provide insights into the various applications of GoHighLevel in the business landscape.

What Is GoHighLevel Used for? 

  • CRM
  • Funnel Building
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Membership Website
  • Call Tracking
  • Pipeline Management
  • Calendar Booking
  • Survey Builder
  • Call Recording
  • SEO Agency
  • Business Automation
  • Client Retention Tool
  • White Label Software
  • Client Acquisition
  • Website Builder
  • Lead Automation
  • Saas Builder
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Reputation Management
  • Client Fulfilment software
  • And Much More…

Based on the above if you’re someone trying to grow a business fast and at the same time trying to save cost, looking into this software might just be the right move.

How GoHighLevel Became Integral to My Business

In 2021, as I embarked on selling a digital product, specifically an online course, I sought a seamless solution for payment collection, member area creation, and hosting and delivering the product – all within a unified platform.

While exploring alternatives like Thrivecart and others, I found them lacking in satisfaction due to limitations in building sophisticated landing pages and integrating advanced marketing tools for efficient sales.

Frustrated with these constraints, I turned my attention to a product generating considerable buzz – GoHighLevel. Although initially overwhelming, my experience with it prompted me to share this initial GoHighLevel review, covering:

  1. My favorite aspects of the GoHighLevel software
  2. Critiques and areas where GoHighLevel falls short
  3. Practical applications for your business
  4. Strategies for making money with GoHighLevel
  5. Comprehensive insights into the software

GoHighLevel Review: Who Can Benefit from It?

GoHighLevel is positioned as an all-in-one platform for sales and marketing, primarily catering to marketers and agencies. Despite this focus, its diverse and impressive features make it relevant to professionals in various fields.

The platform is recommended for entrepreneurs conducting online business operations, including individual business owners like dog trainers, photographers, agencies, and professional marketers. Specifically, it suits:

  1. Marketing Agency: Tailored for marketers, GoHighLevel functions as a robust CRM system, offering value to clients and streamlining processes.
  2. Realtor: Real estate agents benefit from GoHighLevel’s marketing capabilities to expand their reach and attract more clients, ultimately boosting profits.
  3. Affiliate Marketer: Ideal for affiliate marketers, GoHighLevel simplifies campaign creation and management, enabling effective utilization of marketing avenues.
  4. Funnel Builder: With dedicated features for funnel and landing page creation, GoHighLevel serves as a valuable tool for funnel builders and website developers.
  5. Online Course Creator: Online course creators find a suitable platform in GoHighLevel with its membership site, custom domain support, visual editor, and content uploading features.
  6. Freelancers, Consultants, Bloggers, Drop Shippers, and Small Businesses: GoHighLevel is versatile enough to be utilized by freelancers, consultants, bloggers, drop shippers, and small businesses for effective customer management.

While GoHighLevel is a comprehensive solution, it may not be the best fit for eCommerce stores with extensive product catalogs. However, for single-product promotions or offer-centric businesses, it can be a valuable asset.

In conclusion, GoHighLevel’s diverse applications make it a valuable tool for individuals and businesses across various sectors, offering streamlined processes and enhanced customer management.

Why GoHighLevel Might Not Be the Right Choice for Everyone

While GoHighLevel offers a comprehensive suite of features for CRM, marketing automation, and business management, it may not be the perfect fit for everyone. In this section of the GoHighLevel review, we’ll discuss the scenarios where the platform might not be suitable:

  1. Blog Starters: GoHighLevel is not designed for blogging, and if you’re in the early stages of starting a blog for your business, other platforms like WordPress may be more suitable for SEO optimization and generating blog traffic.
  2. Large eCommerce Stores: For eCommerce stores with a significant inventory, especially larger operations with many products and pages, GoHighLevel might not provide the depth of features needed. Platforms like Shopify could be a more fitting choice.
  3. Complex eCommerce Operations: Businesses dealing with a wide range of products and requiring complex inventory management might find GoHighLevel lacking. Dedicated eCommerce platforms with more extensive features may be a better fit.
  4. Alternative eCommerce Platforms: While GoHighLevel is effective for small eCommerce shops with limited products, larger and more complex eCommerce stores might benefit more from platforms specifically tailored for eCommerce operations.

In essence, GoHighLevel is well-suited for businesses engaged in dropshipping, small eCommerce shops with minimal inventory, or those focusing on single-page product sales with a sales funnel. However, for specific needs like blogging or extensive eCommerce operations, exploring dedicated platforms tailored for those purposes may be a more strategic choice.

GoHighLevel Review: Complete Features

1. Marketing Automation

marketing automation

  • GoHighLevel provides robust marketing automation, including email automation, social media automation, and landing page tracking.
  • Customizable automation steps allow you to build tailored campaigns for your audience.
  • Marketing Automation facilitates organized data collection on the customer’s journey, leading to increased sales.

2. Membership Sites

  • Build membership sites to sell premium products or host online courses.
  • User-friendly dashboard with customizable features.
  • Suitable for course creators and those seeking a membership site.


3. Funnel & Landing Pages Builder

  • Create converting sales funnels with one-click templates or custom designs.
  • Funnels & Landing Pages Builder simplifies the process of building and managing landing pages.
  • Multiple funnels can be created and managed directly from the dashboard.

go high level funnel

4. Booking and Online Appointment Tool

  • Offers basic calendar features and allows the creation of shareable calendars.
  • Useful for scheduling appointments and embedding calendars in funnels.
  • Provides an easy way to manage appointments and schedules.
Go High Level Review: Booking Tool

Go High Level Review: Booking Tool

5. CRM and Pipeline Management

  • Integrated platform for comprehensive CRM and pipeline management.
  • Mobile-friendly, accessible on various devices for real-time tracking.
  • Offers data insights for on-the-fly decision-making.

6. Go High Level SMS Marketing

  • Enables direct messaging to customers’ mobile phones for marketing or support.
  • Provides visual text editor, message delivery reports, and tracking options.
  • User-friendly interface resembling popular messaging apps.

7. High-Level Reputation Management

  • Manages customer feedback and reviews for maintaining a positive company image.
  • Sends review requests to customers, prompting them to post reviews on selected platforms.

8. Reporting & Analytics

  • Comprehensive reports and analytics for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and website traffic.
  • In-depth insights into visitor behavior, team performance, and areas for improvement.

9. Content Management

  • Simplifies content creation, editing, approval, and publishing.
  • Centralized content management system for creating and scheduling posts.
  • Ideal for managing all content-related tasks in one platform.

5 Ways To Make Money With GoHighLevel

1. Digital Products

  • Create and sell complete courses or digital products using GoHighLevel.
  • Unlimited users and video hosting for course creators.
  • Collect payments directly through Stripe.

2. Freelancer/Agency

  • Freelancers and marketing agencies can use GoHighLevel to enhance revenue opportunities.
  • Manage leads, calendars, and services efficiently.
  • Utilize email marketing, SMS marketing, and connect with prospects for client acquisition.

3. Coaching/Consulting

  • Booking tool facilitates quick appointment scheduling for coaching or consulting services.
  • AI and Machine Learning capabilities assist in managing text conversations effectively.

4. Network Marketing

  • Automate follow-up messages and multi-channel communication to convert leads.
  • Connect with clients through various channels, including Emails, Voicemail Drops, SMS/MMS, and Facebook Messenger.
  • Mobile app facilitates networking on all devices.

5. B2B Lead-Gen

  • GoHighLevel supports lead generation with creative landing pages and drag-and-drop survey forms.
  • Ideal for businesses aiming to capture leads, manage appointments, and enhance sales funnels.

In conclusion, GoHighLevel offers diverse opportunities for making money online, catering to various business models and industries. Whether you’re creating digital products, freelancing, coaching, engaging in network marketing, or focusing on B2B lead generation, GoHighLevel provides a versatile platform to streamline your processes and boost revenue.

GoHighLevel Review: Pros and Con

In common with any other business or product, Go High Level exhibits both positive and negative aspects. To provide a comprehensive Go High Level review, I’ll outline my experiences with the software, detailing what I find favorable and unfavorable about the platform.

Why I Love Go High Level (Pros)

There are numerous commendable aspects of High Level that make it stand out. Although the dashboard may appear simple, it boasts extensive functionality appreciated by users. Here are some of the standout features of this platform:

  1. Excellent Support: The customer support team at High Level is truly remarkable. Their availability to address customer issues is noteworthy. Quick responses via live chat contribute to a seamless support experience. Moreover, the existence of a Facebook group with professional marketers adds an extra layer of assistance. Complex cases are efficiently handled through Zoom calls, emphasizing the significance of reliable customer support in marketing software.
  2. Time-Saving: Setting up clients can be a daunting task without the right tool. High Level Snapshots emerge as a time-saving solution. These Snapshots consolidate funnels, marketing campaigns, and automation into a single template. Installing this template on different client accounts expedites the onboarding process. Furthermore, significant time savings are achieved by creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Virtual Assistants (VAs), facilitating streamlined editing within a unified CRM.
  3. Cost Savings: HighLevel’s all-in-one solution consolidates features from multiple platforms into one, eliminating the need for various marketing tools. This integration enables users to work on campaigns and goals within a single platform, resulting in cost savings. This unified approach not only reduces expenses but also enhances workflow organization.
  4. Ideal for Marketing Agencies: Go High Level proves to be an excellent tool for marketing agencies, allowing them to centralize all marketing activities within one platform. Regardless of the agency’s size, whether small or large, the platform offers benefits that cater to various organizational needs.
  5. Mobile App: The inclusion of a mobile application is a distinctive feature of HighLevel. This app provides users with the flexibility to access and utilize platform features on their phones. The mobile app facilitates tasks such as organizing contacts, checking calendars and appointment schedules, responding to requests, and managing the dashboard and chats, enhancing user convenience and accessibility.

What I Don’t Like About GoHighLevel (Cons)

The list of drawbacks for this platform is concise. One notable frustration is the lack of direct integration with Elementor, a widely-used platform for creating WordPress websites. Users familiar with Elementor are compelled to transfer content to Go HighLevel via Zapier, incurring additional costs. Directly transferring contact information from Elementor to High Level could have been more efficient and cost-effective.

Another drawback is the learning curve associated with High Level. Unlike platforms where users can sign up and quickly grasp its functionalities, High Level requires users to understand its intricacies thoroughly. This becomes especially challenging for newcomers. While there is significant online enthusiasm about the platform’s user-friendliness for individuals without prior marketing experience, the reality is that it demands practice and learning. Although it may not be immediately intuitive, with dedication and training resources available, users can become proficient in setting up both the frontend and backend aspects of their businesses.

Additional cons observed during the use of this software include:

  1. Lack of a Predictive Dialer
  2. Restriction to Payments through Stripe
  3. Absence of an In-Built A/B Testing Feature
  4. Some features may be lost during frequent updates, necessitating vigilance to ensure consistent functionality.

GoHighLevel Review: All Integration

Go High Level Review Integration

Go High Level Review Integration

GHL provides the convenience of accessing all its features on a unified platform, allowing users to seamlessly combine different functionalities for exceptional results. For instance, integrating GoHighLevel enables swift utilization of the calendar alongside High Level funnels without any loss of capabilities.

The platform also facilitates the use of other marketing tools. Users can integrate their preferred applications with Go High Level, maintaining compatibility. Integration is achieved through Webhooks, connecting to Zapier, allowing data transfer from various applications, including:

  • WordPress
  • Mailchimp
  • Calendly
  • ClickFunnels
  • WIX
  • SurveyGizmo
  • Jotform
  • Leadpages
  • Pipedrive
  • And more.

To harness the power of integration, users can take advantage of Go High Level training provided by the company’s support or the online community, offering insights into maximizing integration for business growth and customer acquisition.

Some key functionalities that users can manage using this software include:

CRM and Pipeline Management: The CRM feature stands out as an impressive component of this platform, addressing a gap in many sales funnel builders and email marketing tools. While not directly included in the dashboard, the site incorporates various features to help manage customers, analyze leads, and track prospects’ movements through the pipeline.

Build a Landing Page: Overcoming the challenge of accessing sales funnel builders, Go High Level includes a funnel builder that allows marketers to create robust sales funnels. Multiple funnel templates are available for quick and easy funnel creation.

Automate Email Marketing: Go High Level empowers users to build and manage email lists, as well as automate lead nurturing processes. The platform provides the flexibility to create unique emails with impressive templates that can be edited and customized.

SMS Marketing: The platform features an SMS dashboard for managing and nurturing customer relationships through text messages. Users can efficiently compose, send, and track text messages, eliminating the need for a separate mass SMS subscription. A visual text editor ensures accuracy by providing a preview of messages before sending.

How to Use GoHighLevel for Your Agency?

Now that we’ve established the fundamentals, let’s delve into practical ways you can leverage GoHighLevel for your agency in this comprehensive review.

1. Lead Generation: Go High Level empowers you to create compelling landing pages, sales pages, and squeeze pages, serving as effective tools for generating more leads on your website. The platform allows you to communicate with leads through automated or manual email and text messages, increasing the likelihood of attracting potential clients to explore your business or organization.

2. Client Acquisition and Onboarding: GoHighLevel offers multi-channel integration, allowing seamless connections with client acquisition tools like Mailchimp. This integration facilitates the creation and delivery of emails, voicemails, and texts to enhance client engagement and attract more prospects. While the integration process may involve additional costs through Zapier, the benefits of efficient client acquisition are substantial.

3. Appointment Scheduling: With its built-in calendar tool, High Level enables automated appointment scheduling. You retain control over your calendar, deciding when clients can schedule appointments. The platform’s calendar feature allows you to direct people to the appointment scheduling page, trigger automation based on calendar events, and embed widgets on your site for enhanced functionality.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization: Go High Level provides tools to boost conversion rates through various means. Clients can conveniently book appointments via mobile or email, contributing to a positive perception of your company and potentially increasing service inquiries. The platform supports force calling, connecting clients to you immediately after completing a lead form, significantly elevating conversion rates.

5. Client Retention: Retaining customers is a crucial aspect of any business strategy, and GoHighLevel assists in this endeavor. By tracking leads, texts, and inbound calls, you can organize them into a pipeline, showcasing the value your business offers to clients. Follow-up capabilities allow you to nurture relationships, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

6. Business Automation: Contrary to the misconception that business automation is complex, Go High Level simplifies the process. The platform provides triggers and campaigns that enable the automation of various processes to meet your customers’ needs. Automation features include sending automated emails or voicemails, automated reporting, onboarding messages, nurture sequences, and call tracking. This streamlines your workflow and saves time across multiple business aspects.

GoHighLevel Pricing: How Much Does it Cost?



GoHighLevel offers a tiered pricing structure with three main plans catering to different agency needs:

  1. Agency Starter Account – $97/month or $972/year:
    • Ideal for initiating your CRM and launching your agency.
    • Comprehensive essentials for client, project, and task management.
    • Integration with Twilio for diverse communication channels (SMS, Email, Voice mails, MMS, Phone connect, and Facebook messenger).
    • MailGun integration for unlimited two-way texting.
    • Workflow Builder for website task automation.
    • Campaign Builder to track campaigns from various platforms.
    • Pipeline Management to monitor client progression.
    • Landing Page Builder for creating effective pages.
    • Form Builder for collecting visitor details.
    • Email Builder for designing and sending emails.
    • Website Builder for rapid website development without coding.
    • Calendar feature for efficient appointment management.
  2. Agency Unlimited Account – $297/month or $2976/year:
    • Includes all features from the Agency Starter Account.
    • Customized White Label Desktop for personalized branding.
    • Memberships and Partner Program for networking and community building.
    • Chat and phone support for real-time assistance.
    • Basic API access for software integration.
    • Unlimited Accounts for flexibility in usage and potential resale.
  3. Agency Pro (White Label Mobile App + Custom Upgrade) – $497/month or $4968/year:
    • Incorporates all features from the Agency Unlimited Account.
    • Split testing (A/B testing) to optimize landing pages.
    • SaaS Mode for internet-based software access without local installation.
    • AI Conversational Bot for automated interactions using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
    • Agent Reporting for monitoring call performance and recording.
    • Advanced API Access for sophisticated integration.
    • Email and Text Rebilling for convenient payments.

Additional Features:

  • Twilio: Enables diverse communication channels for effective customer engagement.
  • MailGun: Enhances two-way texting features, ensuring unlimited messages.
  • Workflow Builder: Automates tasks on your website for improved efficiency.
  • Campaign Builder: Tracks campaigns from various analytics sources.
  • Pipeline Management: Monitors the entire client progression process.
  • Landing Page Builder: Facilitates the creation of impactful landing pages.
  • Form Builder: Aids in the construction of Google forms for visitor data collection.
  • Email Builder: Designs and sends a variety of emails, including newsletters and campaigns.
  • Website Builder: Allows for rapid website development without the need for coding.
  • Calendar: Efficiently manages appointment requests and schedules.

Choose the GoHighLevel plan that aligns with your agency’s requirements and scale your operations effectively with the diverse set of features provided in each tier.

GoHighLevel Review: How to Get a Huge Discount

Unlocking Discounts with GoHighLevel Yearly Plans:

To enjoy significant savings on GoHighLevel, consider switching to their yearly plans. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to access these discounts:

Step 1: Start Your Free Trial Begin by creating a free trial account here. Once done, select a plan and proceed with the 14-day free trial.

Step 2: Login To Your Account After logging in, click on “Upgrade” in the middle of your High Level dashboard. The pricing page will appear, allowing you to toggle between monthly and annual prices.

  • Monthly Tab: Displays the amount for monthly payments.

Go High Level Review: Standard Pricing Plan

  • Annual Tab: Reveals the discounted annual pricing.
Go High Level Review: Discounted Pricing Plan

Go High Level Review: Discounted Pricing Plan

By opting for the annual plan, you can save $192/year on the Agency Starter Account, $588/year on the Agency Unlimited Plan, and $996/year on the Agency Pro.

Agency Unlimited vs. Agency Pro:

Both Agency Unlimited and Agency Pro are recommended plans for leveraging GoHighLevel, with similarities and differences:


  • Unlimited accounts and users.
  • Customized white label desktop.
  • Live chat support.
  • Includes all features in Agency Starter.


  • Agency Unlimited has Basic API access, while Agency Pro offers Advanced API access.
  • Agency Pro allows A/B or split testing, which is not available in Agency Unlimited.
  • Agency Pro includes an Artificial Intelligence feature for automated conversations, absent in Agency Unlimited.
  • Agency Pro supports SaaS mode for internet-based access, while Agency Unlimited relies on locally installed software.

Depending on your business size and campaign volume, Agency Pro may be more suitable for larger settings. The split testing feature is advantageous for optimizing page performance, saving time and money on less effective campaigns.

GoHighLevel Subscription Cancellation:

Canceling your GoHighLevel subscription involves a series of steps:

Step 1: Login

  • Sign in to your account and navigate to the billing page in the settings.

Step 2: Begin the Cancellation Process

  • On the billing page, below your account type, click on the information about your plan’s expiry date. Clicking on it will lead you to the subscription modification page.
Go High Level Pricing: Cancelling Your Account

Go High Level Pricing: Cancelling Your Account

Step 3: Cancel the Subscription

  • On the subscription modification page, find the “Cancel the Subscription” option. You’ll be asked to provide the reason for cancellation, and you can select “Other” if none matches your reason.
  • Click “Cancel Now” on the next page and fill out the cancellation form. Confirm the cancellation, and a confirmation message will be displayed.
Go High Level Pricing: Modifying Your Account

Go High Level Pricing: Modifying Your Account

While the message suggests a 72-hour processing time, you typically receive a subscription cancellation notice within 24 hours via email.

Go High Level Pricing: Account Cancellation Confirmation

Go High Level Pricing: Account Cancellation Confirmation

GoHighLevel Alternatives: How Does It Compare?

GoHighLevel competes effectively with various tools like ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign:

GoHighLevel vs. ClickFunnels:

  • GoHighLevel combines the features of ClickFunnels, Unbounce, LeadPages, and more into an all-in-one marketing and CRM platform.
  • GoHighLevel offers more comprehensive features at a lower price point than ClickFunnels.
  • ClickFunnels is primarily targeted at marketers and online businesses, while GoHighLevel caters to agencies seeking all-in-one solutions.

GoHighLevel vs. ActiveCampaign:

  • GoHighLevel excels in providing a broader range of communication channels, including SMS, email, Facebook Messages, Instagram Direct Messages, Google Chats, and WhatsApp.
  • ActiveCampaign offers chat and email support, with phone support only available on the Enterprise plan.
  • GoHighLevel is relatively new but provides live chat, live Zoom support, concierge migrations, and a free Facebook community.


In summary, GoHighLevel is more than a marketing platform; it’s a Sales, Marketing & Business Automation platform. It encompasses website building, funnel creation, SMS and email marketing, SEO, CRM, pipeline management, and more. The platform’s versatility makes it a valuable tool for agencies and businesses looking to streamline and automate various aspects of their operations.

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