Watch The Social Dilemma online streaming free| A must watch movie for today’s generation | Be distraction free | 2020

Targetting today’s young generation and all internet users, The Social Dilemma is the documentary made by Netflix.

Started with the means of connecting people, engineers in Silicon Valley have made the world much smaller. People’s life are now a lot easier due to the advancement of technologies as compared to previous centuries.

But in the name of connection, people are being very much addicted with the social media as they are not inseparable. This habit has been developed with intention by the use of AI(Artificial Intelligence) in Silicon Valley. The documentary shows how few engineers in Silicon Valley are using the data to impact the billions of users worldwide.

In the documentary, a boy tries to stay away from smartphone for a week, but he can’t as the notifications in the mobile allures him to get in touch.

The explanations are done by the scientists and engineers from reputed tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc in order to explore the reality and strengthen the proof.

The Social Dilemma features the interview of CEOs in United States Senate which is the medium to aware the misuse of social media to common people.

If you’re not buying anything, you are the product

This quote is my favourite line. The social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are free to use but they use our data like what do we like, what are our interest, etc for monetization. The features like Tagging in Facebook has been specially developed to further increase our interactivity on such apps.

Giving the example of Flat-earth theory in The Social Dilemma, it tries to explain that fake news and conspiracies spread fast in a way to create hoax. This feature has been a tool to influence the election as such in election of US president in 2016.

The whole documentary revolves around the co-founders and advisors of Centre for Humane Technology(CHT). It’s a team dedicated to creating the conditions for radically reimagined 21st century digital infrastructure that supports our well-being, relationships, democracy, and shared information environment.

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