Pictory AI: One of the Best Tools to Create Videos from Text

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Pictory AI: One of the Best Tools to Create Videos from Text

Imagine a world where your written words leap off the page and come to life as captivating videos. Well, that’s not just in your imagination anymore. Why? Because AI tools are ready to support us in achieving this!

Pictory AI is a video editing tool designed to streamline the process of transforming text-based content into dynamic videos. It offers a practical solution for content creators and marketers to efficiently produce video content, meeting the increasing demand for visual information over text in the digital space. Now, let’s dive deeper into its capabilities!

Key Features of Pictory AI

Pictory AI stands out in the realm of video creation and editing with its advanced AI-supported features, designed to cater to a wide range of users from beginners to experts. Below is a detailed overview of its key features:

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Script to Video Creation

Pictory AI shines in its ability to swiftly transform scripts into high-quality videos. This feature benefits YouTube users, marketers, and course creators alike, streamlining the video creation process with a time-saving yet effective solution.

The platform boasts an extensive library of over 3 million video clips and provides options for clear narration, utilizing either your own voice or realistic AI voices. Operating on cloud-based infrastructure ensures smooth performance across different devices, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to automate the video creation process.

log to Video Creation

Ideal for both individual bloggers and companies, this feature converts blog posts into engaging videos. It’s designed to enhance audience interaction by transforming textual content into a visual format. Leveraging its AI capabilities, Pictory AI delivers stunning quality videos sourced from a rich library of clips, imagery, and a music library boasting over 15,000 tracks.

Users can add narration through their own voice recordings or select from a range of AI-generated voices, elevating the personal touch of their videos. Its cloud-based nature ensures accessibility and ease of use across all devices.

Edit Videos Using Text

This feature is particularly well-suited for editing content from webinars, podcasts, and Zoom recordings. Pictory AI streamlines the video editing process, allowing users to edit through text, which is faster and more efficient, especially for longer videos. It ensures professional results by automatically removing filler words and silences.

This feature also helps increase audience engagement by automatically adding captions and allowing for the integration of custom branding, ensuring that the video aligns with your brand identity.

Create Shareable Video Highlight Reels

Pictory AI’s standout ability to create short, shareable videos is perfect for social media platforms. This feature is designed to boost interaction through short clips that can serve as intros or previews, capable of increasing webinar attendance and driving sales conversions. AI-driven processes efficiently produce standout videos from longer content, ensuring they are optimized for sharing across all social media platforms, maximizing the return on investment in your video creation efforts.

Automatically Caption Your Videos

Pictory AI introduces a groundbreaking feature in terms of accessibility and video engagement — automatic subtitle generation. This tool brings benefits to content creators looking to make their videos more inclusive, especially for viewers who consume content without sound.

It enhances content accessibility and improves SEO for better visibility on platforms such as Google and YouTube. It’s a time-saving feature that eliminates the need for external subtitle services, ensuring clear and effective communication across various video formats

Video Summarization

Pictory AI offers a feature for succinct video summarization, perfect for condensing longer content into engaging short clips. This feature efficiently extracts key points from webinars, podcasts, and recordings, crafting concise videos that capture attention.

It enhances viewer interaction by providing easily digestible content formats and includes automatic subtitles for broader accessibility. This cloud-based tool is highly flexible, allowing content reuse across various devices and platforms.

Pictory AI’s Pricing Plans

Pictory AI offers three pricing tiers, each with different features tailored to various user scenarios. Compare carefully before you begin your subscription.

Starter: $19 per month, best suited for content creators just starting out with video. Professional: $39 per month, ideal for professional content creators and small to medium-sized organizations.

Team: $99 per month, perfect for groups of video creators who share and collaborate.

In addition to these paid tiers, Pictory AI also provides a free trial version allowing for up to three video projects, with each project limited to a maximum duration of 10 minutes. This trial offers users an excellent opportunity to explore the platform’s capabilities without any financial commitment.

Click here to sign up for a Pictory AI trial free

Promo code “VIDNUME” offers a lifelong 20% discount

How to start using Pictory AI

As mentioned earlier, Pictory AI provides a free pathway for every user, serving as a great starting point for utilizing this tool.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Pictory AI and click on “Start for Free” or “Sign Up for Free”.

Step 2: Create an account using your email.

Step 3: On the free pathway page (see below), choose how you want to create a video.

For example, if we want to convert one of our blogs “6 Tips to Read Faster and Improve Comprehension” into a video, we simply copy and paste the link, and it will generate a script for us.

Picturey AI

Step 4: Select a template that suits the purpose of your video from the template library. For example, marketing.

Picturey AI 1

Step 5: You’ll have a basic storyboard like this. Customize the details as desired. For example, add some images, audio, voiceovers, and text to make the video more comprehensive. You can also incorporate transition effects between each clip.

Picturey AI 2

Step 6: Review the video quality. If it meets your satisfaction, then choose a paid package!

Use cases of Pictory AI

  1. Content Marketing: Marketers can leverage Pictory AI to transform blog posts and articles into engaging videos. This visual format can significantly boost interaction across social media platforms and websites, making it a powerful tool for content marketing strategies.
  2. Educational Content and Online Learning: Educators and e-learning content creators can utilize Pictory AI to create instructional videos. It’s particularly useful for converting educational materials from text into more understandable video formats, enhancing the learning experience.
  3. Social Media Management: Social media managers and influencers can use Pictory AI to quickly create eye-catching video content. Its ability to generate short videos and standout content is especially beneficial for platforms emphasizing concise, effectively engaging content.
  4. Enhancing Webinars and Podcasts: For those hosting webinars or podcasts, Pictory AI can convert audio content into summarized video formats, making them more accessible and shareable across various platforms.
  5. Building Personal Branding and YouTube Content: YouTubers and personal brand advocates can use Pictory AI to create high-quality videos without requiring advanced video editing skills. It aids in creating consistent and professional content for their channels.
  6. Presentations and Product Tutorials: Companies can create presentations and product tutorials using Pictory AI, providing visual guides to their products and services that may be more effective than text-based instructions or guides.

Alternatives of Pictory AI

So, are there any alternatives to Pictory AI? Absolutely. Check out the options below and compare before you make a choice:

InVideo: Known for its rich template library and advanced editing features, InVideo is ideal for creating professional videos for social media and marketing.

Synthesia: Standing out with AI avatar technology, Synthesia is perfect for educational videos and businesses, where avatar-based presentations add value.

Wave.video: A comprehensive platform offering an extensive media library and powerful editing tools, Wave.video serves marketers and content creators well.


In summary, Pictory AI stands out for its features that convert text into video, automatically generate subtitles, and provide efficient summarization, making it a heavyweight contender in the AI video creation space.

Click here to sign up for a Pictory AI trial free

Promo code “VIDNUME” offers a lifelong 20% discount

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