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This article covers the detailed mirzapur season 1 summary. As the thrilling trailer of mirzapur season 2 was out, viewers are extremely eager for its release on October 23, 2020.

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Mirzapur is a place on Purvanchal region in eastern India. Based on this place, Mirzapur was released as web series by Amazon Prime Video. It is based on mafia, lawlessness, guns, dons, crimes, loot, love, autocracy, etc. As the story depicts the real picture of society, it has a got a huge fan following. Besides, the dialogue has been praised by the audience.

So talking about Mirzapur Season 1 summary, the series consist of 9 episodes published on 16 november 2018. It starts with a weeding dance where Phoolchand AKA Munna Bhaiya kills the groom(bridegroom). Phoolchand is the son of Akhandanand Tripathi AKA Kaleen Bhaiya. Kaleen Bhaiya is the don(king) of Mirzapur. He has been selling drugs and guns illegally in the cover of carpet business. Tripathi family has been ruling Mirzapur since 23 years. The groom family consults with Ramakant Pandit, a fearless and honest lawyer. Pandit family has 2 sons (Bablu, Guddu) and 1 daughter. Munna tries to cover up the case by going to Pandit’s family but instead returns with bruises and enmity.

Kaleen Bhaiya calls the Pandit sons and offer job for bright fortune. One of them is very talented in study and another one was body-builder. They too had their love in college where Munna was one of the student. The two Pandit son threatens the groom family to close the case on which they become successful. Meanwhile, the rivalry of Tripathi,Ravi Shankar is in plan of taking revenge with Tripathi by gaining Mirzapur.

In the college, there is a time of student election. As default Munna is one of the candidate. Others are directly threatened for being a candidate. But the professor encourages Golu(Guddu’s girlfriend) to be candidate as Muna is not fit for it. Guddu tries to give all the protection for her. Munna has a loyal friend compounder who is even ready to kill Kaleen bhaiya for the post of him. But he becomes unsuccessful and has to be killed by Munna as a betrayal to Tripathi family.

Kaleen bhaiya is unable to satisfy his second wife,Beena in bed so she sleeps with one of the servant Raja for satisfaction. Later on, Kaleen bhaiya’s father knows it and blackmailed her to sleep with him instead and compelled her to cut Raja’s penis as a punishment.

There is a meeting of high level mafias and dons in the time of Holi. Kaleen bhaiya, Munna, Rati Shankar, J.P Yadav and others. J.P Yadav feels he is humiliated. So he partners with Rati Shankar to get him Mirzapur and instead he would get his party fund for election. Tripathi family are unaware about this.

The bond between Kaleen Bhaiya and Pandit sons was growing. Pandit sons were increasing the guns business. On their business, they crossed Mirzapur boundary and were in the territory of Rati Shankar. On the dispute there, Bablu kills Rati Shankar. Kaleen bhaiya becomes angry with them for their monotonous decision grows hatred for them and assigns Munna for their demise. Munna was attempting to create an environment of accusing Pandit sons betraying Kaleen bhaiya.

Bablu marries Sweety. They along with Guddu, Golu go to Swety’s friend’s marriage. Munna arrives there and assassins many of the participants. Sweety and Guddu die in the assassination. In the last scene, Bablu and Golu are seen to be escaping where in the other side son of Ravi Sankar is shaving the hair thinking of revenge.

Mirzapur Season 1 Summary by Amazon Prime Video

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