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What is It’s My Show?

It’s My Show is a TV/You-tube show hosted by talented Suraj Singh Thakuri broadcasted on Kantipur Television as well as on its You-tube channel. Accompanied by a live band, Suraj invites celebrated people on the sets and gets the house on fire with his wit and charm.

More About It’s My Show

It’s My Show is broadcasted from Kantipur Television every Saturday from 9-10 pm. Every enthusiastic viewers wait for the program vigorously. After this broadcast, the show is made public on You-tube. It is the first program in Kantipur TV since it has gone HD.

Suraj hosts with many celebrities and renowned personnel of different fields like music, drama, band, social work, glamour, acting, comedy, etc. They talk on different issues ongoing on the respective field. Suraj takes their interview in a friendly way. Despite the diplomatic answer, guests share their crucial and memorable moments in a frank manner.

Mostly we can see the celebrities from music industry in the show. Being specific, we can see much more presence of musical bands.

This may be due to the reason that Suraj is interested in this field and also he had host on many concerts.

It’s My Show promoting local emerging band

its my show asar intro band one man guitar carrying flute madal drum

Besides the interview, the music performance is also a major attraction of the show. The main vocal artist on the show is also the music director of the show.

Due to this, music has extra melodious flavor on the show. Regard this, Suraj also invites other emerging artist for the performance which had helped them a lot to grow.

In the meantime, Suraj shows some photographs of different personnel working on the same field and ask guest to order top 5 as per their own interest.

After it, Suraj shows some photographs related to the guest. And the guests explore memories related with the photographs. Some explore becoming friendly whereas some become diplomatic on the response.

This creates a nice flashback to the guests. Sometimes the photographs include childhood memories which create a nice reminiscence to the guest.

Suraj giving token of love to sons of Binod Chaudhary

At the end Suraj takes some photographs with the guest and let them sign on it along with token sharing. This is one of the memorable moment on the show.

As on Nepal, this show is considered as the best show in terms of content and interview. Sophisticated couch, melodious music, talented artist, marvelous guest and entertaining host. What an enthusiast viewer wants beside this?

Further more credit goes equally to host Suraj Singh Thakuri. Like each TV programs hosted by Suraj Singh Thakuri, It’s My Show has been super-hit Nepali show from its first scene and loved by every Nepalese and Non-Nepalese throughout the world.

A Quick Review of It’s My Show

NameIt’s My Show with Suraj Singh Thakuri
Host Suraj Singh Thakuri
Broadcast onKantipur TV, You-tube
TimingEvery Saturday @ 9-10 pm
Seasons3(currently running)
TypeInterview with melodious music

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