Unveiling Hawkhost Secrets: Comprehensive Overview and Review Hawkhost Hosting


Founded in 2004, Hawkhost Hosting offers a range of hosting services, including shared, reseller, semi-dedicated, cloud, and virtual hosting. Operating independently from the EIG, they maintain seven data centers across North America, Europe, and Asia, hosting approximately 250,000 domains globally.

Notably, HawkHost stands apart for providing good value with additional free features in their hosting plans, such as free migration and unlimited SSL certificates, even in the $3 plan. Their flexible monthly payment option is advantageous for those on a budget.

However, like any service, HawkHost has its drawbacks. This unbiased review will explore both the pros and cons, helping you assess whether HawkHost aligns with your hosting needs. Let’s delve into a comprehensive examination of HawkHost’s features and services.

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Examining HawkHost’s Features

Now, we will explore the various hosting plans and additional services provided by HawkHost to its clients.


Shared Web Hosting Plans at HawkHost hosting

HawkHost offers budget-friendly shared web hosting plans, featuring two options: Primary at $2.99 and Professional at $7.99. Both plans provide exceptional conditions, supporting unlimited websites, bandwidth, and databases.

Notably, migration to HawkHost is complimentary, and users receive unlimited free SSL certificates, essential for a secure website. The plans also include unlimited subdomains and email accounts.

The primary distinction lies in disk space allocation – Primary offers 10GB, while Professional provides unlimited SSD space. Both plans feature a convenient one-click application installer, supporting popular CMS options like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.

Being a Cloudflare partner, HawkHost optimizes its data centers for improved website performance, ensuring an enhanced user experience.

Cloud Web Hosting 

HawkHost provides identical hosting plans and features on their cloud hosting service. Opting for cloud hosting offers several advantages.

Firstly, cloud hosting typically ensures faster website loading times. Secondly, with your data stored in the cloud, the risk of hardware issues causing data loss is minimized. Thirdly, and equally crucial, cloud hosting allows flexible scaling. You can easily increase resources for your website as it grows and experiences higher traffic.

Choosing a cloud hosting plan ensures seamless transitions between plans, adding to the convenience and adaptability of your hosting experience.

Cloud Computing

Embracing cloud computing provides convenient access to scalable resources without the hassle of managing extra servers. HawkHost offers a range of five cloud computing plans, priced from $5 to $80 based on resource requirements.

Each plan grants full root access, and you can select from data centers in Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and Singapore, depending on proximity to your operations.

The plans encompass diverse specifications, including disk space (20GB to 200GB), RAM (1GB to 16GB), bandwidth (1TB to 5TB), and CPU cores (one to six). Furthermore, all plans are easily scalable, offering flexibility to adapt to changing needs.

Reseller Hosting

Whether you’re a web developer expanding services or starting a hosting company, HawkHost offers versatile reseller plans for various needs. They provide three plans (Bronze, Silver, Platinum) ranging from approximately $13 to $46 monthly.

Bronze suits 50 clients with 50 cPanel accounts, 15GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and free SSL certificates. Silver caters to 100 clients, featuring 100 cPanel accounts, 30GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth and SSL, plus a complimentary WHMCS starter license.

For larger clientele, the Platinum plan accommodates up to 200 clients with 200 cPanel accounts, 60GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, and a WHMCS starter license. The Platinum plan also includes a dedicated IP.

Free migration and cPanel/WHM accounts for client management enhance the appeal of HawkHost’s reseller hosting.


Semi-Dedicated Hawkhost Hosting

HawkHost presents two semi-dedicated server plans, inclusive of free migration and CloudFlare optimization. Both plans support one-click installations for the same CMS software options featured in shared hosting.

The first plan, Nestling, is priced at $15.99. It includes 20GB SSD disk space, unmetered bandwidth, free and unlimited SSL certificates, 2GB of memory, and is powered by two full CPU cores.

The second plan, Talon, costs $39.99 per month and shares similar features with Nestling, except for one significant difference – Talon offers unlimited SSD disk space.

Semi-dedicated servers offer advantages such as fewer users per server, ensuring smoother website operation amid unexpected internet traffic. HawkHost provides free off-site backups occurring twice daily, enhancing data security for your website.

VPS Hawkhost Hosting

HawkHost provides a selection of five Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans. Similar to cloud computing plans, users can select one of four data center locations (Dallas, LA, NY, and Singapore).

With prices ranging from $5 to $80, these plans offer diverse specifications. Disk space spans from 20GB to 200GB, RAM from 1GB to 16GB, bandwidth from 1TB to 5TB, and one to six CPU cores, utilizing Enterprise Intel Xeon processors. Users can choose from supported operating systems like Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and Fedora.

It’s worth noting that cPanel and DirectAdmin are available for an additional fee, offering users enhanced control and management options for their VPS hosting.


Domain Services

In addition to hosting, HawkHost offers domain registration services. Their domain prices commence at $10.95/year, slightly below the average cost of around $12.

Pros and Cons of Hawkhost Hosting

Now that we’ve explored HawkHost’s offerings, it’s time to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Affordable Plans with No Upsells: HawkHost offers budget-friendly hosting plans without post-initial billing upsells. Monthly payment options provide flexibility, and the acceptance of bitcoins and bit cash adds further payment options.
  2. Good Site Loading Speeds: HawkHost enhances website loading speeds with features like Memcached and CloudFlare optimization. Tests show an impressive average page loading speed of about 1.08 seconds, contributing to a positive user experience and potential SEO benefits.
  3. Good Uptime: With a promised 99.9% uptime, HawkHost generally delivers on this commitment, often exceeding it. Occasional dips are reported, but overall uptime is consistently high.
  4. Feature-Packed Plans: HawkHost’s hosting plans come with valuable free inclusions such as migration, unlimited SSL certificates, and convenient one-click installations for popular CMS platforms. The addition of the Weebly Site Builder further enhances plan features.
  5. Decent Customer Support: The customer support team at HawkHost is available 24/7/365, responsive, and helpful. Support options include ticket submission and email communication, ensuring assistance when needed.


  1. Limited Customer Support: HawkHost provides customer support solely through tickets (email). Despite generally quick responses, the absence of additional support channels like live chat and phone calls may be limiting for some users.
  2. Questionable Uptime: Although HawkHost assures a 99.9% uptime, there have been occasional complaints from customers suggesting that this guarantee is not always met. Some months report a drop in uptime to 99.6%, indicating less-than-ideal reliability. However, such instances are rare.


Conclusion Hawkhost Hosting

In summary, would we recommend HawkHost? Generally, yes! While they provide commendable features, competitive prices, and helpful Canadian support, occasional reliability issues should be noted. Despite not being flawless, HawkHost is worth considering for those seeking a hosting provider.


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