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Indreni lok dohori is a popular lok dohori program hosted by renowned and popular host Krishna Kadel. The program is hosted on ABC TV(now in Himalayan TV) and youtube.

Indreni lok dohori program has been in operation since many years. The heart of the program is Nepali lok dohori, which is one of the folk songs and a pride of Nepal. Nepalese people love this show. The speciality of this show is this show features the hidden talent residing in the country side of Nepal. Krishna Kadel has been actively working on featuring those talents. One of the featured hidden talent on this show was child singer ‘Kamala Ghimire’. This show was popular after the appearance of her. She was first aired and sang lok dohori with lok dohori legend Raju Pariyar. The video crossed 12M views on youtube. After this show, Kamala Ghimire has been heard on every Nepalese’s tongue. Likewise, ‘Indreni Lok Dohori’ also got more famous and its viewer increased exponentially after that.

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Looking at the history of Indreni lok dohori programme, this show didn’t get popularity at ease. Krishna Kadel and his team had been struggling since 6 years on this programme. If we look at the past video content of this channel, we can find the program wasn’t properly managed. The instruments and sound were not good. It was broadcasted on ABC television only. The content was not as entertaining as it is now. The show didn’t get enough views and to survive on poor ads was compulsory.

Similarly, the host Krishna Kadel also has a dark past behind Indreni. He was a civil employee at Nepalese Army. He left Army to make his career in lok dohori field. In one of his interview, he said that he was contactless with his family for 11 years. On those years, he faced many ups and downs.

Krishna Kadel

But now, he is one of the best host of lok dohori in national and international shows. He along with team had travelled many foreign countries. Besides, the fabulous humor and sattires on relevant field made him a great personality. On his show, he helps the patient of kidney failure , cancer and other marginalized with the collected fund from donors. This also has proved the kind hearted and social work nature of him. On recent videos, he was seen distributing relief package to the victims affected by COVID19 pandemic. People were praising him as a god on those dark days.

Rome was not built on a day. This has been a great example for Indreni lok dohori programme. Struggling on past and now the best with most watched programme. Now the channel generates enough income with advertisements. Furthermore, people from different countries fund this channel to withstand and improve the program.

Krishna Kadel Contact Number

9841489835(for only help purpose)

Indreni Lok Dohori Analysis

Now official youtube channel has 1.52M subscribers. Looking at the current context people has been continuously watching this channel in this lockdown due to COVID19 pandemic. People are enjoying with the lok dohori content. Here is a brief analysis of youtube channel.

Indreni Lok Dohori has been promoting Nepali lok dohori thus preserving Nepali culture. We wish them good luck for their better future.

Official you-tube channel:

Official email address: [email protected]

What is the phone number of Krishna Kadel?


Where is the location of Indreni studio?

In the indreni foodland restaurant

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