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What is ‘The Doers’?

The Doers is a Nepali podcast hosted by talented Mr Anup Ghimire and owned by VIEWFINDERS. The doers is an aspiring platform where leaders from across the business spectrum share ideas about how to help build you organization whether working in the non-profit, public or private sectors you will hear tips from emerging or recognized leader that is sure to lighten or inspire.

Its first podcast was launched on May 16,2019. It got 2329 views. Since then, the podcast has been inviting many guests and inspiring many youths. Currently it is now in season 3. As of today there are 103 episodes/podcast and 6.81K subscribers. This podcast can be viewed/listened on different platforms like – You-tube, Listennotes, Podtoppen, Spotify, AnchorFm, ApplePodcast, RadioPublic, Breaker, GooglePodcast, OverCast, PocketCast

More about The Doers

As the name ‘The Doers‘ clarifies the people who are doing on any field either it be like digital marketing, content creation, youtubers, comedy, entrepreneurs, technical,etc. the doers from these fields come and share their view about their journey. They discuss about ups and downs and how they overcame. Furthermore they discuss about what’s going on respective fields, How the related People are struggling with the norms and policies of government regulated on the respective field.

Anup has podcasted with many CEOs and entrepreneurs of startup and successful business like Nikita Acharya, Punit Jajodia, Anil Regmi, Sushant Pradhan, Robin Sharma, Utsav Singh Rathour, and many more. They talk about possibilities and challenges in running a business and how to tackle them. In result, these talks have been a motivation for many startup companies and youths. Starters can be aware of possible tackles they might face in future and endulge with that.

This show has been a best example to those who end up thinking doing something in Nepal due to many factors. The podcast has been extracting many good points and exploring them to create an environment of ‘गर्ने सोच राखे के हुन्न नेपालमा‘. In this contemporary society there is a trend of migrating to foreign in seek of good job and money. The podcast has been trying to stop this brain drain by showing examples of different people that yes money can be earned nicely in Nepal. This has been resulting to become the podcast a successful and popular program for modern youth.

At last of each podcast, the guest writes his/her favourite quote/line on the circular disk set up on the studio.

In this modern time, people are being busy and have no time to watch videos freely. So this podcast might get more listeners in coming future as the podcast can be listened side-wise while doing other works.

With the digitization of everything, we can see the real conversation we listened on radio has been commercially converted into podcast. Right now there are many podcast being podcasted trying to give social messages in one or the other way.The Doers Podcast has also been trying to motivate each startup and entrepreneurs to tackle the hurdles on the way. We also want that to happen and best of luck to the the doers team.

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